Terlalu banyak suara dan aromanya, aku bingung mengikutinya

Aku lelah mengejarnya bila suara dan aromanya tiba-tiba hilang meskipun disaat terang

Aku tidak berharap akhir yang indah

Hanya bila masih bisa menunggu adanya suara dan aroma yang setia

Kan ku sebut itu cinta

Walau ku tak bisa mengartikannya

Kan ku sebut itu cinta, karna itu indah..






Yang terlihat hanyalah bayangan obor api yang sedang bergoyang di dinding gelap

Memantulkan asapnya ke atas atap

Sayangnya tak bersuara

Kurasa dia gila

Dia bergoyang di saat sunyi dan gelap

Dan tetap tak bersuara

Baginya buat apa bersuara bila tak didengar

Maka dia gerakkan saja badannya, agar ada yang melihat

Andai dia adalah aku.



Bila gelap itu tak terlihat, lalu mengapa aku masih melihat mu dengan mata kosongku

Ketika mata tak dapat mencari, maka jiwa yang bekerja

Bila terang aku tak dapat melihatmu, maka kan ku gelapkan semuanya

Agar ku bisa melihat dan merasakan terangmu…

Sastra & Sosial


Mereka bukan berbeda bunyi, huruf atau ejaan

Tapi karna persamaan, mereka itu sama, saling terkait

Ketika sosial bekerja dengan dunianya, sastra mengindahkannya dengan perbuatannya dan mengukirnya dengan pena dan kertas

Ketika sosial tak mampu lagi berkata dengan suara, maka sastra menyuarakannya dengan angin yang di hembuskan dengan tulisan

Dunia sosial hanya memiliki dua sisi

Keindahan dan keseraman

Dan sastra menyatukannya menjadi sebuah bukti dan arti tentang hidup…



she was born in 2012, i don’t know when exactly she born was. her name is Moly. My aunt’s friend let her adopted by my aunt. here is the first day of moly’s look in my house. 



she is so cute. she couldn’t bark and jump yet. she used to whine like a cat’s meow in the night. in a pinch, we had to put her in the house.  i used to give her milk every morrning. my uncle or my aunt took her a bath. The most thing that she hated is ” Take a bath”. when she’s grown up.  she can bark aloud, jump highly as a frog. she likes eating, she doesn’t even know whether is good food or not. she eats all even that’s a wood. now she is not in my house anymore. she has been adopted by another people because of any reason. here is the latest picture of us Image

indeed i loss her so much. i even don’t know where she is exactly now. actually i have never had pets before in my hometown Purwakarta. Now, when i was In medan, and began maintaining Moly. i know how to look pet after, i know how the feeling of having a pet was. Thank you Moly. you have taught me many things. GOOD LUCK with your new life and I LOVE YOU.. 

Writing is not as Easy as I draw this picture…



It would not be true that writing is as easy as reading, I have tried to convince it. We do not just to write what we want to write , but we must be able to make the readers to be understanding what we want to say. Unlike reading, we just need to understand what it is being written. My lecturer said “let the words make us to be understanding what it is, than we try to understand what it is”.  It will make us to be more interesting to read.  Writing demands us to be engaging what we want to write, so we can start writing.  The first time when I started writing a paragraph for writing exam. It ordered me to write an essay by topics given. I did not know what I have to begin writing. I tried to find out on the book the successful way in writing, and finally I got it. We first have to formulate the outline of writing , we then transform the outline of paragraph into the real paragraph. finally I could start writing, I could write many paragraphs and it just flow by itself. However if you want to write essay, you have known the paragraph before, and you have acquisitioned in writing paragraph.  After facing paragraph, I have to face the next grade of writing essay. It was so confusing, it feels like my head want to explode when I wrote my first essay. It was so random, without using the outline. I have just aware that we can not start writing if we don’t make an outline before. after i have tried to understand and writing the essay. I begin attracted to write. I want to share some information “How to write an Essay” from any gleanings that I got. Here are the steps :

1.  Make an Outline

2. Choose the topic  of paragraph that we are going to discuss.

3. Write an introductory paragraph that contains topic sentence, supports, and conclusion. 4. Write the thesis statement, thesis statement is an expression of an attitude or opinion or idea about the topic. Unlike the topic sentence, the thesis statement is boarder and expresses the controlling idea for the entire essay.  [1]Refining Composition Skill Rhetoric and Grammar for ESL Students

 5. Write the developmental paragraph that contains topic sentence and supports.

 6. Write the conclusion.

 7. Transfer the outline of the essay into the real essay.

Radicalism Crisis In Indonesia


Indonesia is an archipelago comprising approximately 17.508 islands. It has 34 provinces with over 238 million people and it is the forth most populous country in the world. Indonesia has about 300 ethnic groups. Indeed Indonesia can not be separated from the conflict of the ethnic, religion, etc. The most conflict Indonesia is caused by the inter-religion. When people feel irritated in the differences or even accept the differences in the society life. Let me give a simple example in our daily life, sometimes we feel unsatisfied or even mad with the people’s opinion or point of view if their idea is opposite ours. Unsatisfied means unhappy, unsatisfied means disagree. Actually it is equal but we never aware that. It means we still have the lack of accepting the differences.

The most sensitive conflict that often happens in Indonesia is caused by the inter-religion. There are so many varieties cause of that conflict such as the house of worship-banned, some people thought/claimed that any astray leaning existed and they claimed that it was the despising of the religion.  When some people claimed that they knew the truth, they could appraise whether it was wrong or not as if they had been a judge. When they thought that they were the most perfect person in this whole world. When some groups did something radically in the name of religion. They did anything they wanted without feeling guilty. The government couldn’t handle them anymore. when the right of people to live safely has been ignored. What does this nation look like?. When they lost control because they wanted to prove that they were right by doing something radically in the name of religion even in the name of god. There were so many people died because of that conflict. I am not even sure that they actually worship God when they did it. I still do not have idea what they are looking for, in this live actually. We knew better, we always know that the journey to the truth is endless quest.

I’m so proud of my country, when the symbol of Indonesia “Bhineka Tunggal Ika”. Bhineka Tunggal Ika means “Unity in Diversity”, it means although we are different in the skin color, eyes color, body, food, culture, religion. We have to be tolerance to each other as fellow. There will be beautiful if we can be alive in plurality, without feeling scared. I felt surprised, when I watched the news in England, when the catholic church let Moslem people to use their church to pray. How beautiful the different is, when we can love and help each other, but some people still misunderstand with the term of “Pluralism”. They thought that the pluralism was we could move from one religion to another religion. It such when we take off our clothes and we wear another clothes. It was not like that. The pluralism means when we can be alive tolerantly with fellow. I don’t have the capacity to claim anything big, but I believe that religions shall never be seen as black boxes of sacred, unquestionable teachings but rather a peaceful room for discussions where, under heaven’s blessings, people contend ideas and get ready for counter-arguments. If we believe in God, why do we hostile each other ?, Doesn’t every religion teach us to be a good people, and do the right things ?, so what we are looking for in this world is to do the positive things, and establish this country together to be better.  

Actually what the people want and i are not complicated. We just want to be alive peacefully. We just need to complete each other. I never think and I don’t want to imagine it if we live in the same kind (physically, characteristic, language, culture, etc) what will it look like ? It will be creepy, I think. Maybe, we will kill each other if I and all people in this world are bad people. That is why God creates us in different initial position, stories, and etc.  after all we’re looking for the same light, we believe that there is something else, something big, beyond what is physically seen.