Usually,I getting sleepy now, but it’s not, I don’t know why. I  prefer sitting in the front of my laptop to sleeping. I saw twitter, and slightly my eyes fell down on bang iman’s tweet, he inspired me. actually I knew him, when I got quidnunc immediately of maudyayunda’s tweet about her acceptance on the great university in England, and someone mentioned her and he was bang iman. Lol. I started quidnuncing him, and looked at his blog. He was the founder of some organization in Indonesia. I think he is such good popular man in his campus. He is such a nerd and socialist. Currently he studied in Columbia University.  He just post something on timeline. It was about Education journal, i immediately got lamp from God through him. His journal discussed about the education problem that still cannot solve until now.  It affects me a lot to fill my thesis head. It gave me such an ads while I was studying about my micro teaching assignment. 


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